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Studio 20 & 21

John Lennon Art & Design Building 

Tuesday 19th October, 3pm - Friday 22nd October, 10am


The Mini-Degree is a four-week exercise that builds upon Level 4 BA Fine Art artists’ former studies and allows them an opportunity to usher in a more enhanced mode of artmaking from the offset – practically, conceptually and theoretically. 


During the four-week exercise, Level 4 BA Fine Art artists have been actively engaging projects where they have failed and then succeeded, and where they have reoriented themselves to their new surroundings through investigations of site and place. They have also encouraged acts of disappearance, been met with the future and embraced the unexpected. These short, yet concentrated activities, gesture toward the forthcoming explorations that await these artists throughout their journey through the BA Fine Art Programme. 


Each of the first three weeks of the Mini-Degree have played a formative role in the final fourth week, which hosts an exhibition of their work and transitions studios spaces into places for presentation, allowing them capacity to learn aspects of exhibition-making.  


The Mini-Degree exhibition presents and makes public the diversity with which the participating artists have been working and now graduating with from the Mini-Degree. 


The exhibition opens Tuesday 19th October, 3pm and remains open until Friday 22nd October, 10am. 

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