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Museum of the Year

Level 4 BA Fine Art students at Liverpool John Moores University have collectively reimagined the idea of the museum by founding and creating their own – links to these are below. These new organisations pose questions about the impulses that sit behind the act of collecting, as well as inquire into the reasons for preserving and conserving objects. 

The project, known as The Museum of The Year, arises out of a series of sessions led by Adam Carr and Rory Macbeth, and supported by the BA Fine Art team, in which museum culture and the history and practice of exhibition-making were investigated. The sessions enabled students an insight into the history and context of art and exhibition-making and through the lens of collecting, looked at how gathering and categorising objects can traverse both practices. One of the primary aims was to stimulate and empower students’ creativity at a time when museums and galleries are closed, particularly in the UK. 

From the Museum of Bad Looks to the Museum of Nan's Unnecessary Necessary Nicknacks, the students have brought together collections of artworks, objects and artefacts with interventions and guest contributions. Unlike other museums, those part of The Museum of The Year are free to access and remain open 24/7. 


Rob Morris

The Museum of Chilled Products


Mina Isham

Museum of Humanity


Freya Bolton 

Museum of Hidden Beauty


Sarah Eaton-Taylor

Museum of Change


Jade Miller

The Museum of Nightmares


Diane Adams

Museum of Things Rendered Useless 


Kady Garrett 

The Museum of I <3 Nostalgia


Faye Roberts

The Museum of Plants


Jake McHugh 

museum of things that could be considered slightly absurd


Natalia Szumiec

Museum of Rocks


Aiden Phillips 

An empty museum that feels


Lewis Heaton 

The Mobile Museum of  Waste


Erin Grainger

The Museum of Secrets


Willow Beggs

The Museum of my AWFUL diet 


Millie Eccleshall 

The Museum of Nan's Unnecessary Necessary Nicknacks


Erin Roddy

The Vague, like The Hague but worse.


Madison Swart 

National Museum of Movement


Alex Moore

Museum of  Quarantine Dreams


Molly Mousdell

The Museum of Mess


Catherine Isabella Bennett 

Museum of my council estate


Hannah Browne

The Museum of By-products


Adaia Jennings 

The Museum of Uni Décor


Sara Artibani 

The Museum of Marine Debris



Rebecca Gee

Museum of Dirty Looks


Amy Donegan 

The Museum of Ridiculously Inaccurate Objects


Halyna Maystrenko-Grant

Museum of Stuff


Martina Latter

Museum of Unorganization


Steph Jenion

Museum of Horror


Chloe McCormick

The Museum of Identity Crisis


Beth Easson 

Museum of Natural Patterns 


Gemma Stafford

The art museum of paper plates


Ruby Chadwick

The Museum of Views


Kai Harper

Museum of Portals


Remaya Hamblin 

Museum of Memories


Rebecca Day

Interaction Museum


Jordan Duggan

The Museum of Problems


Jess Hart

Museum of Skin


Georgia Simpson

Museum of Witchcraft


Orla Carter 

The Museum of No Fucks (I have none left to give)


Willow Fisher

The Museum of Expired Art Supplies


Lois Kennerley

The Museum of Deceiving Photos


Neave Hodgson-Ali

Museum of Observations


Andrew Cain

The Museum of Light


Mabel Siwiak

The Museum of Swigging from Bottles


Jess King

Museum of Puzzles


Xanthe Grabrovaz Tilzey

The museum of described objects, as in objects described in books etc. 


Caroline Campion

The Lemon Museum


Zana Rose Plumb

Museum of Intimacy 


Erin Lorimer 

The Permanent Museum of Temporary Marks


Megan Davidson 

The Museum of Things I've Left Behind


Izabelle Murphy

Museum of Light


Luke de-Vaal

Museum Of Procrastination


Ethan Talbot

Museum of Identity


Lucia Lernyei 

The Museum of Tout


Sophie Clubb 

Museum of Distortion


Leah Bevan

Museum of Unprofessionalism


Lucy Mayers

The Museum of Assistance


Elizabeth Morrison

The Museum of a Spectrum of Colours


Liv Britton

Museum of Human Senses


Nicole Sotirova

Museum of Confession 


Charlie Smith

Museum of Nightmares 
Museum of Mental Health
Museum of Beauty


Sophie Stanway

The Museum of Patriarchal Necessities in an All Female Home 


Alice Poxon

The museum of the unveiled


Lili Moore 

The Museum of Love


Chloe Krol

The Museum of Nudes


Lucy Turner 

The museum of Open Conversations


Abbey Foy

Museum of Many Things


Liam Hopkins

The Museum of Reflection


Megan Jones

Museum of Hide and Seek

Museum of Bus Stops 

Museum of innocence 


Ella Priestley 

The F Word Museum 


Amy Walkerdine 

Museum of Holographic Theory


Megan McPartland

The museum of Dead Flowers


Bailey Griffin 

The Museum of Phases


Liv Vacanti 

The Museum of Disregarded Shit


Ella Mock

Museum of Wearable Works


Jordan Powell-Woods

Biohazard Museum

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