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Museum of the Year

Level 4 (1st year) BA Fine Art students at Liverpool John Moores University have collectively reimagined the idea of the museum by founding and creating their own. Each museum poses questions about the impulses that sit behind the act of collecting and inquire into the reasons for preserving and conserving objects. The exhibition at X Gallery, Liverpool School of Art & Design, presents objects and artworks that have been drawn from the museums' collections and holdings.

Museum of The Year arises out of a series of sessions in which museum culture and the history and practice of exhibition-making were investigated. The sessions enabled students an insight into the history and context of art and exhibition-making and through the lens of collecting, looked at how gathering, making and categorising objects can traverse both art and curatorial practice. One of the primary aims was to stimulate and empower students’ creativity at a time when museums and galleries have recently been in a period of closure.

From The Museum of Gareth Anthony Betts to The Museum of My Shit Suzuki Swift, the students have produced and brought together collections of artworks, objects and artefacts with interventions and guest contributions.

(Adam Carr, Acting Programme Leader, BA Fine Art, Liverpool John Moores University)


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